Myra’s cutting-edge training sessions are filled with practical techniques reflecting her research knowledge in social work, gerontology, neuroscience, and Holocaust studies.

These interactive workshops focus on two areas: understanding and interacting with survivors; and self-care practices. Participants may include:

  • Social service and healthcare providers
  • Homecare workers
  • Non-healthcare groups who work with survivors including:
    • writers and documentary filmmakers
    • students and teachers participating in inter-generational programs
    • individuals planning to interview survivors about their experiences
    • community sponsored activities
    • memoir project
  • Family and friends of survivors

Understanding and Interacting with Survivors

Helps participants understand survivors and gain confidence in their interactions with them. Healthcare and social service providers will enhance their knowledge and improve their skills in working with survivor populations.

Workshop may be customized to include:

  • Understanding the historical context
  • Psychosocial issues (e.g. caregiving, institutionalization, bereavement)
  • Demographics and diversity
  • Impact of trauma
  • PTSD and the impact of ageing on traumatic memory
  • Practice issues pertaining to survivor populations
  • Preventing and responding to environmental triggers
  • Integrating strengths-based theory into practice
  • Person-centred trauma-informed practices
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Trauma-informed programs, services, and interventions that empower survivors
  • Specialized survivor-assistance resources
  • Complementary and alternative therapeutic approaches

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Self-care Practices

These workshops are designed for social service and healthcare providers in the public and private sectors.

“I believe that training in self-care is necessary to deal with the potential hazards of our professions. Stress, burnout and vicarious trauma make us less effective in our work. Self-care practice mitigates these stressors and improves our well being by helping replenish and regenerate our internal resources.”      Myra Giberovitch

Workshop topics may include:

  • stress reduction
  • relaxation techniques
  • mind-body techniques
  • wellness strategies that integrate a mind/body/soul approach
  • vicarious trauma and its prevention
  • vicarious resilience

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