Canadian Jewish Congress *
  • Co-chair, National Holocaust Remembrance Committee (4 years)
    • Spoke before the Canadian Parliament at the launching of a Holocaust commemorative stamp.
    • Co-chaired the planning committee for a provincial community rally urging the Canadian government to accelerate proceedings against Nazi war criminals living in Canada.
    • Member of the National Executive Committee.
    • Participated in negotiations and diplomatic meetings with foreign ambassadors.
  • Chair, Quebec Region Holocaust Remembrance Committee (6 years)
    • Included representatives of local survivor organizations in the committee for the first time.
    • Initiated and implemented events paying tribute to countries that saved Jews during the Holocaust. Presented plaques to the Ambassadors of Finland and Bulgaria.
    • Founding member of the Montreal Interfaith Council representing the Jewish community. The council was an initiative of the Canadian Center for Ecumenism.
  • Chair, Quebec Region Yom Hashoah Committee (9 years)
    • Elevated the Holocaust Commemoration Service to a major community event.

* Organization no longer exists

Founding member, Montreal Second Generation
(4 years)

  • Planned, developed and co-facilitated Second Generation support groups in the Montreal area.
  • Member of the organizing committee for the Canadian Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their Children held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in 1985. Coordinated outreach in Montreal.